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Does anyone make a new terminal?

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I want to buy an old RS-232 terminal to use with some retro computer builds. Most of the stuff on eBay is great/vintage, but old and expensive.

Does anyone make a modern, hacker-type, terminal? Something with a modern screen, keyboard, and RS-232 port?

I realize that I might just re-purpose an old laptop, but was thinking something more retro-looking.


I assume you would need an RS-232 converter of some sort, and any old monitor.

The main bit is a axel  ax3000/M80,dirt cheap on ebay, skip to 5 minutes for build details

Another approach is to get a board like this:  - also read about the firmware updates and alternative versions linked in the article. I don't have one but have considered getting one - it looks impressive to me.

A new one, probably not, I haven't seen a serial terminal in probably twenty years, they were replaced by "thin clients", essentially an SBC running a terminal emulator.

Wyse was one of the better known brands of terminals, they are still around, but as a subsidiary of Dell.


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