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DVD-RAM jbox, has there ever been such a thing?

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Yesterday a friend showed me how she is learning the Russian language.
She has a plastic cartridge which hosts 5 CDs in it and an old CD jbox reader.
She bought a training software, it's composed by 5 CDs, and when the running program asks to "change the CD", the jbox does the job for her.

Forget you have to eject the disk, and replace it. The jbox is a actually "disk changer", so cool! Very cool!

The product name written on plastic is "laser  memory", but, as far as I can see, it's only a reader, it cannot burn disks.

DVD-RAM are amazing, they offer 4GByte and can operate like a r/w device.
A jbox would be even more amazing, but ... has there ever been such a thing?

If so, any "magic keyword" I can search on Google?  :D

Little detail, the "laser memory" unit has has a label on the back.

It says "made in Russia", so it's a genuine piece of Soviet technology to learn the Russian language, it's ... funny to hear  ;D

Probably it was used for something completely different, probably human body book with illustrated high details pictures, which make sense, since each CD is about 600 MByte of space.

Never heard of a "jbox" but I have heard of juke boxes (I even have one in my car - from 2000.  ;D)

If you are trying to build something like it, try this. Back when programs came on floppy disks - to install the program on a hard drive I would create an install sub-directory and copy all the files from each floppy disk to that sub-directory and run the install from there. Instead of asking for the next disk, the install program would see that the next files were available and keep on going. Much faster, really.

You may be able to do this, and run the Russian program from the hard drive.

Ehehe, the Russian language learning software is smart and it's able to understand if it runs on a CD rather than from a data chunk copied to the hard-drive.

That's how the jbox can help. When the software asks to change the disk, the request is issued to the jbox and it changes the media in a couple of seconds.

I think the only software trick would be cloning the CDroms into file images and to mount the required one through a Virtualizer.

When the software says, please insert CD#n, you click on "unmount CD", then on "mount CD", browse, select, an confirm.

VirtualBox, VirtualPC allow it, but the jbox is much more appealing technology  ;D

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