Author Topic: Eizo F930 CRT monitor - source for flyback transformer ? (Murata MSU1FVM007)  (Read 1015 times)

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Anyone know of a source of flyback transformers that would fit a Eizo F930 CRT monitor, I'm also interested in getting hold of a service manual for this monitor if anyone happen to have one.

The flyback seem to be a Murata MSU1FVM007

HR Diemen equivalent would be: 48373

If anyone know of a source of any of these or another equivalent, any tips would be appreciated.

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You can probably get an extra monitor for less than the cost of the flyback transformer. The biggest problem you have is that most people (like me) have thrown these monitors out years ago. For Eizo monitors you don't need a service manual because Eizo is so expensive and low volume that they just stitch the various application notes together. So find the datasheets for the chips and there is your service manual. The downside is that these monitors are unlike any other CRT monitor.
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thnx for feedback :)

Yea I know, but these monitors doesn't show up much around here - and I don't have much money put in it anyway so would be willing to pay for a flyback if I could source one.

I know Eizo isn't the most widely produces brand - but I'v def seen service manuals from them on other monitors, though also they seem hard to get hold of as Eizo have a policy of not giving out any info at all - even on obsolete equipment.

but yea, might give it a try to just find manuals/sheets for the components itself.

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