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Hello there !

Thanks you all for your researches and advice's.

EC-6809 has been initially published into dutch Elektor edition...

With the help of a french Flex specialist, Frédéric LDg, I hope to get soon a version of Flex able to boot onto this computer with a heavily modified Assist-09 monitor.

I have to say now that the content of the original eproms is probably definitively lost.
But who say ? May be one day...


Did you contact the dutch elektor, people working there for over 30 years so they might have the files or the original pcb in their collection, but you probably already tried that.

I still run Flex occasionally, but not on any real 6809 system – those are long gone except for a 6809-based eprom programmer which could not run Flex anyway. I run Flex using a 6809 emulator that I wrote myself a very long time ago. There are few of those out there, which are a lot more impressive than mine, which makes no attempt to simulate fangled things like FDC controller chips. Originally I used one of the versions of Flex that I had, and just patched the binary code in a few places to get it to work in the new virtual world.

Later, after the Internet was invented (!), I located the Flex source code and what I use now was assembled from that – it identifies itself as "6809 FLEX V3.01". It’s been a while since I set that up, but I think the code was as is in flex_srces.dsk here: .

I made a lot of changes to TERMIO.TXT. For the strange way I do things, the FLEX FMS routines don’t actually get used, although I left that code there (long story, my emulator / virtual 6809 does not use .dsk files, at least not directly).

Just to get Flex to boot should not be too difficult if you set it up to do serial “terminal” access. If you already have Assist-09 running, you could just use that to load or even just manually enter the boot code for a test. A bit more work would be required to get the output to the CRT controller though. Keyboard, well, depending on what sort of keyboard you intend to use.


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