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Hello there !

I try to run again Flex09 and of course first of all I must build a computer 6809 based for that.

My first choice is the Elektor system named EC-68 or sometime EC-6809 published in "Elektor Computing 3" in 1985 and in french in october 1986 number.

I need two things :

- on side of the ext pcb (video + floppy interface) was not given. If anybody has a good picture ? But nevertheless this can be solved because in put the pcb again in Kicad so... Routing will be different but if there is no other choice !

- More important : this system require two 2716 and one 2732 eproms (Elektor ref ESS540, 541 and 542). This is boot prom, assist09 and character generator. The fist one is really a problem. Assist09 is on the internet so... and the character generator eprom is probably the same that the one in the Junior Computer VDU board which I have.

Many thanks to anybody which will give any information about that.

If there is somewhere another design able to do the same (run Flex09 from real floppy) I will also be interested !



Some news from this project :

The two boards are manufactured and tested.
The CPU board is working with a modified Assist09 monitor.
The interface board video part is working with a modified character generator coming from the Junior Computer. The floppy interface part have not been tested yet.

I renew my call for any information about the ESS-540 and ESS-541 eprom (dump, listing, asm source..., whatever you have).
If anybody have this system or can help in this topic please take contact !


Those boards look well done. It looks like it will be a nice system.

You say that you are missing the boot EPROM, but the pictures show that your system is running. What are you using to boot? Are you just using a generic boot, or are you getting the system up some other way?


Yes thats need some clarifications.

The eprom which really do the boot is called "monitor rom" by Elektor in the article (ref ESS-540).
At this place I have a modified assit09 monitor, so my system boot.

What they call "boot rom" ESS-541 is a collection of subroutines doing various jobs related to the // keyboard, the floppy interface and the video.

This name probably come because one these subroutine boot Flex from the floppy.
This eprom is the one that really miss to get a full working system...


I see, thanks.

I have several Elektor/Elector (USA, UK, India) and have been looking to see if I can find any more info about this, but nothing yet. I'll keep looking.


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