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Hello there !

I try to run again Flex09 and of course first of all I must build a computer 6809 based for that.

My first choice is the Elektor system named EC-68 or sometime EC-6809 published in "Elektor Computing 3" in 1985 and in french in october 1986 number.

I need two things :

- on side of the ext pcb (video + floppy interface) was not given. If anybody has a good picture ? But nevertheless this can be solved because in put the pcb again in Kicad so... Routing will be different but if there is no other choice !

- More important : this system require two 2716 and one 2732 eproms (Elektor ref ESS540, 541 and 542). This is boot prom, assist09 and character generator. The fist one is really a problem. Assist09 is on the internet so... and the character generator eprom is probably the same that the one in the Junior Computer VDU board which I have.

Many thanks to anybody which will give any information about that.

If there is somewhere another design able to do the same (run Flex09 from real floppy) I will also be interested !



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