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FS: DB-25 parallel and RS-232C switches. Both automatic and manual.


Possibly of interest to any vintage computer gear collectors and users.

Click on any of the pictures for further information and higher-res photos.

Manual DB-25 switches

The two-way switch is is much better condition than the four-way.  I suspect the 4-way saw a lot more usage in its previous life.

Wiring looks OK in both, and if you are interested then I can spend some time buzzing them out.  Either way they are sold as-is, I expect you know how to solder and fix these if a wire goes amiss.

Price each: $15 (AUD)
Shipping within Australia for each: $10.50 (AUD)

Automatic DB-25 switches

MP201 (parallel):

MS201 (RS-232C):

The parallel variant needs an external power pack: I don't have one that matches, you'll need to put one together yourself.  I can throw in a 3.5mm metal TRS jack for free if you ask.

I have no way to properly test these, so they are sold as-is.  If you take a look at the photos then they look extremely clean: I didn't do any work to them, this is how I found them.

Price each: $15 (AUD)
Shipping within Australia for each: $7.80 (AUD)

Feel free to ask questions.


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