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Fujitsu LIFEBOOK C1020 - Compatibility with Sound Blaster Pro



I've got weird laptop - Fujitsu LIFEBOOK C1020. It's not that old - mine is actually from 2008 or '09, however it was released in 2001 or '02 and interesting thing is that it has old stuff like a parallel port, serial port, PS2, infra red, svideo and floppy drive, but it also has USBs, firewire, builtin modem, PC Card (It even has WiFi card in slot) and even SPDIF through optical fiber, so I started wondering wheather I could use it for both early Windows XP / 98 games and DOS games.

I do not care about black frames due to the higher resolution, because it has fairly big screeen however I do care about sound and what's interesting, that page:
states that it has sound card compliant with Sound Blaster Pro and AC'97, so does it mean that it will have sound with DOS games?

P.S. Yea, I know, just test it. The problem is that it can only boot from HDD, DVD and floppy and it boots correctly to XP from HDD, however both DVD and floppy drives are broken and I don't want to start working on it when it eventually will not have a sound.

Do you have an external USB floppy, or optical, drive? If so, you could boot to an earlier OS and try.

I have USB DVD, however that laptop deas not have option to boot from USB neither in BIOS nor Boot Menu. I'll try anyway.


--- Quote from: Xses on June 09, 2021, 11:16:42 pm ---I have USB DVD, however that laptop deas not have option to boot from USB neither in BIOS nor Boot Menu. I'll try anyway.

--- End quote ---
Too bad that you can't boot from USB.

If I remember correctly, some Linux LiveCD/LiveDVDs allow you to boot the image from within Windows. You might try that, and see if you can get the sound to work under a DOS emulator.

in windows folder,  you're supposed to have at least some wav files for the windows sound'(s)  win95 and up,  just click on them  and try to  play them

At least you should be able to open the device manager to see if there any sound related hardware installed ??

But for any dos related sound, or device  you need to have a config.sys and an autoexec.bat file to tell dos the hardware parameter(s) like adress and irq allocated to it ??  dos wont see the audio card unless you help it,   some dos game opened in a dos windows box can work fine if windows xx does a good bridge between dos and windows


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