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Google Looks Different on WinXP Machine

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Google looks as if it's resorted to a Windows 98 look on a XP machine.

This began around last week. Any search results look basic and limited.

Does anyone know what changed?

Yeh, what browser?

Looks more or less normal in Chrome 49 (last version supported on XP).  Alignment is a little bit off, fonts and content look fine.  The adblocker probably doesn't work as well, that might explain some layout differences, or just that they're using whatever set of webkit stuff is newer than that.  Let's see, that's a 5 year old version huh, so probably a few things missing since, current version is 97?  Sheesh.

It goes without saying, IE shouldn't be online at all, and with Firefox support ended around a similar time frame as Chrome, the best option is to firewall or disconnect any XP machines you can't upgrade/replace for whatever reason.


I should have included the browser.

The browser is Firefox. I haven’t tried Chrome, but know very few websites load in IE. I forgot the error, but IE refuses to view (I think) anything that is an https.

Also, I’m finding websites don’t even work with Firefox. MSN sometimes won’t display a news article, Home Depot same, etc…

Edit: using Firefox on Ubuntu 32 but looks fine.

By the way, this is what Google looks like for me on XP, but looks normal on Ubuntu 32-bit.

I noticed that on old browsers and when turning javascript off like with extension "Quick Javascript Switcher".


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