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I'm putting out a bit of a cry of help, I've got this Toshiba Satellite 335 CDS, runs great, but 32mb of ram on windows 98 isn't going to cut it. I've looked it up, and it can go up to 160mb, with a 128mb stick. Though, finding this stick for a resonable price is difficult. What I know so far is that A. It exists, and B. isn't common. I've found 2 official part numbers for ram and it seems to be made by kingston. the series are KTT650 and KTT305. I can find 16mb sticks for good prices easy, anything above that isn't easy. From what I've found too is the ram is shared across the entire lineup of the 300 series, just longer and shorter. Also, the 300 series seems to have a weird japan only thinkpad brother called the 235, which seems to take the same ram. If anyone could help me in trying to get a source for some *reasonably* priced stuff that would be great!

Seems to take just generic 144-pin EDO SODIMM RAM, 60ns or faster. Nothing special. I think you'll find it very difficult to max it out to 160MB of RAM given it only has one slot, because that was a very unusual size. You'd probably be best looking for a 128MB stick.

Try looking on eBay.

In my experience back when I was using Windows 98, unless you're running a lot of applications or something that specifically hogs memory, 64 MB was ample. Anything more started to become overkill and there was little to no benefit.

As others have mentioned, 60ns 144-pin EDO RAM non parity can be found on ebay for quite a reasonable price - especially 64MB, which is quite a lot for '98 and even NT4 or Win2k.


Oh, hang on, does it have the base 32MB fixed on-board? That would explain the maximum capacity of 160MB - 32 on-board + 128 module.


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