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Honeywell 'Excel' system. 'R.A.C.L. Language'
« on: December 29, 2017, 03:41:45 pm »
I used to work for Honeywell, and amongst numerous other styles of technology & equipment,
I did a lot of work with high rise building energy management/control systems....
ONE of the interesting systems was "Excel" for automated control.  The programming 'interface'
was called  'R.A.C.L.' which stood for "Row And Column Language". (Crude interface then).

MANY years later, I've tried to replicate the 'ideology' at least, with my own software, which 'sort'
of simulates the old process control environment, 'something' like the typical P.L.C. units, combined
with numerous analog as well as digital I/O's, and in a graphical environment......

There are MANY ways to 'process/display' such data/control, TODAY, but I loved the methodology
of that original 'language' many years ago, although I know there are better ways today !!!  :)

The GRAPHICAL environment consists of numerous input & output devices, analog & digital, being
sensors, valves, motors etc and all the interconnecting wiring.... (I know there are other systems!!)

The CRUX of what the 'software' does is to PROCESS the 'data' in rows & columns ....
Imagine a GRID where all 'items' in the 1st column are processed one underneath the other, with their
current input & output values updated. Then the 2nd column is processed from the top down, using
all the previous columns specific rows outputs, now processed & awaiting the NEXT columns processing.
Feedbacks in the schematic simply await the next processing cycle of columns & rows in the grid.

Considering the speed of the processing, I can't see there being any problems, and so fat there is not.

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