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How can I get info on vintage push button switches?


In EEVblog #1258, at 13:23 (, there are some blue push button switches. I've seen these things in a lot of his vintage teardowns, and I can't find anything about them. Is there a name for them?

I'm not sure who made those in the western world, but the Soviet version was called П2К (P2K) and those are some of the most versatile switches I've seen in my life.

I think they are generically called modular push button switches. Searching for that finds a very limited number of modern suppliers of not exactly the same thing, but a more modern versions:

I can't find the original version anywhere. It is even hard to find replacements for the Soviet ones, which is rare.

They were originally made by ITT/Schadow, which was then bought by C&K.
Still available, you basically put your own kit together (LEGO-style): switches, buttons, U-profile for mounting, release springs etc.

Product name is C&K F-Series pushbutton switches. I attach a data sheet:



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