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I have some old Windows 95/98 games I want to run.  Many of them has SecurROM and won't run Virtual Box in Windows 10.  I have a PC with a Core 2 Duo CPU (don't know which model). Windows Me won't run correctly.  No driver for the chipset or the video card.

What may be the latest PC to run Windows Me?

Any recommendation is appreciated.


When you do find your hardware, I'd load Windows 98 SE as the last of the DOS-based windows worth installing. Most of us skipped Windows ME as unworthy.


--- Quote from: bobcat2000 on September 26, 2021, 12:43:51 am ---What may be the latest PC to run Windows Me?

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Yikes!  I'd agree that for Win95/98 stuff, just use 98SE.  As for the hardware, IIRC 98/ME would not be able to use anything beyond a single core and 512MB of RAM, but you will probably run into those chipset driver issues even with systems below that threshold.  My best guess is that you will struggle to get it to work on most Pentium 4 and up systems, so you're probably stuck with Pentium 3 or maybe Pentium M.  You might be better off with an early AMD Athlon system.

Your games won't run on XP?

Core Duo/Quad (9xx series Intel chipsets) is when Win9x support started to fall, although plenty of motherboards were still available with Win9x drivers; P4 era (8xx series chipsets) is fine with Win9x.

...and if you look around at the unofficial stuff, people have managed to get even Haswell (2014) to run Win9x.

I got a PC that could run Windows Me pretty good.

It is a Acer Veriton with a Pentium D CPU.  Everything is stable except for the video card.  No driver I guess.  Windows Me handles my Sound Blaster AWE 32 without any problem.  I want to try if the Acer can support my Voodoo 3 card (if I can find it in my garage somewhere).  But I don't think I can plug a video card to the motherboard.  The case is very tight with the big SB32.  The SB32 card is very long.

I tried to run Windows 98/SE with the Acer.  Windows 98/SE could not support the Acer.  The USB port or the SATA port did not work.  No supported driver I guess.

Was the next step up CPU after the Pentium D the Core 2 Duo?  If so, there was nothing in between that might be able to support Windows Me....


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