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Locating Teltone telephone line simulator configuration software

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Does anyone happen to have a copy of the old Teltone configuration software for their line of telephone line simulators (screenshot below).

I've done the usual Googling and doesn't seem to have a copy.

It seems as though the latest version (3.04) used to exist at however didn't crawl it.

Disregard, found a copy at:

Thanks for that! Once mine shows up, I may take the time to dump the ROM and maybe even attempt to manually poke at the serial port.

Cheers, mate.

So, the line simulator showed up today, and a day early, at that. Yay.

That said, I already took the time to dump the ROMs, so they are attached. There are three different ICs in question, and I included a text file detailing the labels, and what ICs they correspond to. Cheers!


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