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Looking for a Driver for S**Di** e270

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simon christo:
Does anybody have the Windows Driver for this 6GB USB Stick -with screen ??

It's the one, with a up to 2GB SD card slot.

Tah, Simon.

There are no drivers.

It supports MSC and MTP.

simon christo:
I honestly, am not aware, of what MTP or MCS does in USB.
I distictly remember, a program for Windows, that compressed the Photo's and the Video's to
suit the 1.5" screen size.I'll have to search, if I have a copy of the Sa**Di** for Windows software-
there's nothing I can find, so far, on the Net.

Thanks, Simon.

What is with your aversion to spelling out the brand name?  It makes is a lot harder for people to help.

Drivers are not the same as application software.

Sansa e270 MP3 player


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