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Alex Eisenhut:
Thinking of getting a Mac II for nostalgic reasons. Never had one but only came close in stores as a kid...
What's the best forum for getting all information from screw sizes to ROM images?
Because I've seen a lot of Mac IIs on eBay but they all seem to need work.
Is the Mac II ROM still under Apple copyright? I assume so.
I want to make a functional 020 based machine with Ethernet access with period correct hardware.
Is it feasible for under 1000$ CDN?


--- Quote from: Alex Eisenhut on January 28, 2024, 07:05:04 pm ---Is it feasible for under 1000$ CDN?

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Literally the first listing I see is a fully functional recapped system listed for $420 usd for everything but the ethernet card & transceiver... so, yeah, seems easy enough to stay under that budget.

I have all Apple Mac ROMs. Don't remember for sure where I got them from, but you can find them here:

They do work. You can test them with an emulator - for the 68K ROMs, Basilisk II works well.

I don't remember what's Apple's position regarding these, but I would assume they don't care much, especially if you're not going to make a business out of it.

Right thought their Intel era, Apple never cared about or went after people making Hackintosh PCs for personal use.

Over the years I used several as my main computer, always seeming to build a Hackintosh using some chip that Apple used in the highest-spec iMac six months later: i7-860, i7-4790k, i7-6700k. The Mac Pros never seemed appropriate for my software development tasks -- too focussed on crazy GPU and I/O for video editors -- and the iMac also doesn't suit me because I like to buy a good monitor and use it on several generations of computer, not expensively replace it every time I change CPUs. Also I was using an Apple 30" (2560x1600) monitor for many years, and more recently 32" 4K monitors, and iMacs have never gone that large.

That's all gone now, as no one else makes Arm CPUs as fast as Apple's. Now people are buying Macs to run Linux on -- and Apple doesn't care about that either, and even has actively done some things in the boot process to make it easier.

I've never used Basilisk II, but I use SheepShaver to run my 1991 (68k) "Best Books" accounting program when I need to make an invoice. And other stuff. OS X 10.6.8 is a kind of ideal version to run old stuff on as it's a pretty modern OS X but can still run 68k software. It's so great you can run SheepShaver on Mac, Linux, Windows as you wish.

I had a Mac II as my work computer when they came out in 1987. Awesome machine at the time, and a huge step up from the Mac Plus. Several years later a IIcx was my first personally-owned computer when (not NZPO type approved) 2400 bps modems became affordable and one of my local BBSs started offering first internet mail and news via uucp and then an actual IP connection (modem into their Sun box and run trn or whatever), and then later SLIP then PPP. That IIcx got a Radius Rocket 68040 card later in its life, before being replaced by a PowerPC 6100AV, then an 8500/120 which had a number of CPU upgrades, to 180 MHz 604e, then 266 and I think 400 MHz G3.


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Great resource! I actually just came across this site the other day when I was looking for something else.


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