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Mystery Mac/Clone faceplate?

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[attach=2]I have a square cast-aluminum face-plate that I have been unable to identify by looking up pictures of computers online.

It is 7+1/8 tall and 7+7/8 wide with slots for a 3+1/2 drive-bay and a 5+3/4 drive-bay.

It is mounted via four screw-holes, one near each corner, and has a double-row of ventilation holes at the bottom.

It has marked holes for a power-button, power-LED, HDD-LED, a reset-switch, a pair of USB ports, a MIC port, and audio-out port, and a single Firewire port.

Here it is: [attach=1]

Firewire was a built to order option in Macs from around 1997 to 2011. It might be a plate from a power mac that someone used for video editing, which was a common need for Firewire back in the day. Possibly?

 Happy hunting :)

This thing, if it's real, looks the right size/shape/aesthetic: [attach=1]
Any ID on it? Not coming up on EveryMac as far as I can see.
It's like a fat Power Macintosh G5?

Doesn’t look like a Mac. More like one of those Shuttle mini PC cases from early 00’s. I had one with FireWire in it.

Hey, I think we have a winner! :clap:
The G5 cube definitely isn't it, but this Shuttle case looks close: [attachimg=1]


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