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What are your SBCs being interconnected with projects with?


What do you use to connect to your SBCs ?  What ive been doing (mostly individual jumper wires) is flirting with disaster.   (also, wires apart from one another=more RFI)

I can see there are a lot of products out there purporting to help with the interconnects.. From actual users, how are they working out for you?

One nice thing is that the newest iteration of Raspberry Pis have a 40 pin IDC header so any 40 wire (i.e. old style) PATA cable is okay, except on the opposite end because the two rows are right next to one another its less breadboard friendly as I would like. (at least the breadboards I have)   Still, its a cable that I already have a bunch of - which are getting reused.. I do like that.

Are there any breadboards where they break individual rows right next to one another?

(not skipping a row as is done for the area with the groove for the dips.)

Currently using veroboard for that.

 Just wondering what other people are using and if there are any products which make it all more enjoyable that I am not aware of.

What blueskull said. Either that, or have the SBC plug into some other board via the 100 mil pin header. See Dave's video about a Raspberry Pi cluster for some discussion about that:

Sometimes, like in Dave's case, there is the issue of connectors that may not be on the header (Ethernet, HDMI, USB). In that case you may need to plug in an extra cable.

Either "Stamp" style boards plugged in to motherboards or stackable headers as shown in the photo here:

I often buy "Stamp" style boards such as the Teensy++ 2.0 and then design a carrier board (motherboard).

Here's an example where I wanted to bring out a header for SPI and a MagJack for ethernet from an mbed LPC1768.  The motherboard is trivial

Thank you -
This looks like what I should be moving towards.. doh..
Should be able to find a blank "hat" on ebay ...

Quote from: blueskull on Today at 12:12:21
Castellated vias. Also called stamp package. This is very often used in permanent soldered SBC scenarios.

For removable SBCs, I usually design either a hat or a carrier board specifically for that SBC model or family
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