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Feel free to post pictures of your oddball vintage IBM PC/XT/AT compatible cards.

To get started, this is an old IRMA board used to interface the PCXT with an IBM 3270.

For you early network people,  here is a Proteon ProNET-4 board for the AT.

A couple of videos showing my old PC/AT  powering up with some of my own hardware and doing some speech recognition for the fun of it.   Life was simple in those days.

I dearly remember those IRMA ISA cards. I once fiddled with them back in early eighties to connect IBM PCs with mainframes using 3270 protocol. Later, IBM developed its own 3270 emulation card in their PC-3270 (5271) computers.

I think I still have one of those 3270 cards somewhere at home.

At one time I bought a Sony 21" Trinitron.  It has a serial port on the monitor so you could control it with the PC.   It took up the desk.  I bought the Media Vision ProGraphics 1280 card to drive it.   


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