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Overclocking an uncooled ATtiny to 44.24Mhz

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--- Quote ---One little bit of pirated software and that high end FPGA becomes very useful indeed.
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Not that I've seen.  Did you have in mind turning it into an especially power-hungry and complicated microcontroller?  I'd rather buy something with a following (and that would d probably be cheaper, too.)
Besides, they tend to be the "high end FPGAs" "as of several years ago, when the board was designed."  Meaning that they're considered nearly obsolete by today's standards.  Not to mention that they come in packages that I find unmanageable in a hobbyist context  (we are talking hobbyists, right?  Real projects don't de-solder chips from old boards.)

If you can suggest a way for me to use the ~40 Xilinx  XCV1600-8FG1156s I have, I might reconsider.  (2002 vintage.  I didn't even have to desolder these; I found them new, in packaging!)
1156-pin BGAs.   Right.   Sigh.

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* Fit the i486DX core from OpenCores and its accompanying chipset onto one or two of those, give it some DDR3 memory (can be rejects from computer upgrades) and you get a good machine for DOS gaming. If you managed to also give it a PCIe root complex, with a half decent video card, it would be even better.
* On a related note, you can try make a GPU out of a few of those. Try give it a PCIe interface and, yeah, put it into your computer.
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This is after you spend $$$$ on the multilayer board necessary to hold all of that stuff, and can you hand-attach BGAs?


--- Quote from: amyk on July 29, 2015, 04:06:54 am ---I suspect the clock speed is limited by gate delay and not power dissipation.

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And gate delay is improved by increasing voltage which means that the ultimate limit is power dissipation (or, simple voltage limit).

Overclocking an Atmel? Dos gaming? Make your own GPU? Did I find an internet time machine to 1995?

This things above are written by someone who is clearly not being pushed hard enough at work  :-DD


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