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The Amiga wasn't an 8 bit computer, though...


--- Quote from: thinkfat on June 19, 2022, 05:31:17 am ---The Amiga wasn't an 8 bit computer, though...

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Ooops, sorry.  My Atari 800 wasn't up to the challenge.
Sadly, I did loose all the Atari 8 bit Basic and assembly work of my youth, including some home made audio sampling, home made scanner from printer parts, and even video grabbing.
Just though I would share some nostalgia.

One additional note about my PCB work on the Amiga, even when I began with the stock 7MHz 68k cpu, whether using Deluxe Paint, or the Pro-net / Pro-board software, because they used the Amiga accelerated chipset to render the graphics, for a number of projects, their refresh was real-time.  Only when using Pro-board with more than 2 layers and huge pcbs did things begin to slow down.  Though, a 68030 at 25Mhz made things much better while a 68040 mare the auto-routing feature sensible instead of an hour to auto-route a 6 layer board.

Since when was Amiga, 68030 and 68040 8-bit?
Talk about thread hijacking...

I was pointing out that even with a 16bit 68k with 1mb and some accelerated graphics capabilities, you still need a 32bit cpu for larger PCBs.

Perhaps some of what I did earlier could have been done on an Atari 800 with one of the 256k/512k expansions which supported the dedicated graphics display list, but it would probably be mostly bitmap based.


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