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PDP-8/F Quick look and Teardown

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Leaving the best to last, here is the pride of my PDP collection, the PDP-8/F.

Here we just open it up and have a look around. The power supply and its capacitors still need to be tested before I'll try to turn it on.

I enjoyed the video. Brought back lots of memories when I had a chance to play around on one of those many years ago. That front panel was the best looking of all the DEC machines I had a chance to work with. I never saw the insides of it though, so it was nice to finally see that.

Intersil put that on one chip - later sold by Harris

About that time, Amtrak seemed to adopt that color scheme for interiors, especially food and beverage service cars.


--- Quote from: peter-h on July 21, 2021, 06:40:56 pm ---Intersil put that on one chip - later sold by Harris

--- End quote ---

Wow, that's amazing they actually made that onto a chip.


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