Author Topic: Anybody have a UMC "Computer IC's" data book from circa ~'93-'95 or so?  (Read 1024 times)

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The 1991 UMC "Computer IC's" data book has been preserved up on, but a lot of the more integrated ISA bus/PC era chipsets are a year or two out of range for it (thine like the UM82C863 and UM82C865 Multi I/O chips, etc.)

Does anyone here happen to have any 'newer' UMC data book that has the computer IC's in it? (I don't know if one actually exists-- I suppose it's also possible/probable that this was about the time manufacturers were switching over to CD-ROM for data distribution, so maybe there's nothing in print...)

Anyway, if any of you have any leads/info/pointers I'd love to hear it! (and/or beg a copy of the 82C863/865 pages!)


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They're pretty much bog-standard integrated I/O chips that will look just like a 16450/16550, a standard (WD-style or clone) floppy controller, bare IDE interface, etc. programming-wise and the pins can fairly easily be traced to the ISA bus, the output connectors and the jumpers for configuration.

What, specifically, do you wish to know about them?

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