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Programming the Commodore: "SNAKE" game for C64 and PET
« on: January 11, 2020, 10:34:57 am »

I was bored so I got myself into the retro-computing trip...

Here a few kick-starters:

MiSTer: FPGA emulation of many (all?) 8 bit computers and consoles and more
TheC64 Maxi: Newly marketed Commodore 64 replica with 1:1 full size and shape and working keyboard, based on VICE
BMC64: "Bare metal" Raspberry Pi that is ONLY running VICE and required libraries - for Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 - I run it with the 2 and its composite video output: looks amazing ly real
C64C: The original newer model, purchased cheap at eBay - it take quite a while to find a good deal nowadays...

So I thought to relive the old moments of when I was 18 (32 years ago) and program something on the C64.

So I did the SNAKE game.

First in BASIC and the code fits exactly one screen.

Then I challenged myself to program this came in Assembly (6502/6510). Back in the days I learned a bit of how to do it and I wanted to refresh my memory. I am amazed on how much I retained!

So I ended up with the same game for the C64.

Then I set a new goal: port it to the Commodore PET, which I never owned.

This is done, too! I thought it might be nice for the PET owners, as the existing amount of games is limited.

Attached are the games, if you want to give it a try - bugs guaranteed!

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