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Replacement Toshiba 440CDX Laptop RTC/CMOS Battery?

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I'm after some advice. I need two new NiMh battery packs for a (very) old laptop (see attachments). The smaller one marked 'Varta 3/V30H' keeps the RTC ticking and retains CMOS settings. The larger one marked 'Varta 6/V110H' is the battery backed RAM for suspend/resume operations (which I'm not too worried about).

I've done a quick Google and checked Element14 and they don't seem to stock this type of pack. Not sure if it was a standard Varta part or something custom made by Toshiba. Does anyone have any ideas where I can get a new one or a suitable non-Varta replacement? (Not interested in "New old stock" from eBay.)

Failing that, does anyone have the capability to spot weld and recreate one of these packs using the existing cable/connector that can help me out, preferably in Australia?


--- Quote from: wilfred on January 20, 2017, 01:03:45 am ---Could you try a cordless phone battery. Physical size might be a problem though. 30mAh is pretty small for a cordless phone.

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The space is at a premium in there. The cover (which is removed in the photos) is where the palm rest/mouse buttons are. I could remove the suspend/resume battery altogether as I'm not using that feature, however it would be nice to keep it in as original condition as possible.


--- Quote from: wilfred on January 20, 2017, 01:57:44 am ---It hardly seems worth spending the money on such an old beast. I had one once. Unless you're attached to it for some reason my advice is to buy something just a bit more recent. I'd have a good look before shelling out $20 or more on new batteries.

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I don't use it for anything serious, it's just part of my old computer collection but it's in fantastic condition, almost like it just came out of the box.

The big one is a 6S pack of 1.2V 110mAh NiMH cells. Looking around, it seems the 110mAh has been discontinued and replaced by the 150mAh V150H:

The small one is a 3S pack of 30mAh cells, V30H which seem to still be available.

Are you sure you want to replace the battery? I've had some corrosion problems with a similar Toshiba laptop (220CS, I think). The negative cable had that green corrosion up to the connector on the mainboard. I just removed both batteries and just enter the time and CMOS data the seldom times it is powered up.


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