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Re: EEVblog #713 - VCP200 Voice Recognition - 1980's Style

Thanks for the post!  I Really enjoyed this video.   

Many years ago, before the first sound blaster card, I was attempting to make my own speech recognition system.   I had seen speaker independent system at Western Electric/Bell Labs in the late 70's early 80s and became interested in it.   I still have my home made board laying around.   It may not work as good as the radio shack part.   

During my first job, we were making those LCP encoded speech modules for cars.  I still have some old audio tapes from back then as companies were trying to come up with more natural sounds.

Here is my original IBM AT 6MHz PC.

4096 Meg of RAM, coprocessor, original 32Meg full height drive and 80Meg HH.   A work horse  in the day....

I was very much interested in sound.  It is pretty complex stuff to try and analyze.  The Sound Blaster was not even though of yet.  You had a speaker hooked to a timer channel.   But IBM released the technical reference manual for the AT so you could make what ever hardware you wanted...

Back in those days, we didn't have fancy terms like Joule Thief.  We just called them switching power supplies.   Shown here is small home made E core.


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