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retro video game using DEC T-11 and Tek 606B
« on: September 16, 2021, 08:15:33 pm »
My daughter works in the hand-held gaming industry, so that inspired me to make a simple "video game" using only 1980's technology.

Key features:
- The MPU is a DEC T-11, running at 4 MHz. It has 8K of EEPROM, 8K of RAM, an MC68B50 UART, and a few GPIOs. I made the PCB a few years ago, for experimenting with T-11's.
- The display is a Tektronix 606B X-Y display (like a fancy oscilloscope, but without any sweep circuits).
- The T-11 board mates with an I/O board that includes a pair of DAC1230 DAC's, which drive the X and Y inputs on the display. The I/O board also has an MC68B21 PIA, and an AY-3-8912 sound chip (used in some 1980's console video games).
- Most of the code space in the EEPROM is used by my hacked version of figFORTH. The game code is in assembly, and can be run via a FORTH command.
- In the game, you launch a spaceship from "earth" and land it on an orbital platform. I'm calling it "MajorTom" :-) . Keystrokes (thru the serial port) control 'increase thrust', 'decrease thrust', 'move right', and 'move left'. If you hit earth or the platform at more than a slow speed, you blow up (Game Over).
The sound chip works, but I haven't implemented anything in the code to use it yet.

Question/Comments are welcome!
Attached: a couple of pictures, and the source code.

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