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Had a surprise today. Ploughing through a pile of aquired 19" racks of bits and pieces and came across some Rockwell R65F11AP chips.

New to me, not Rockwell, thought at first it was their answer to the 6809, but turned out to be a 6502 with built in FORTH language.

Having read the data sheet nostalgia is certainly back, what a good idea. I find nothing of interest in the modern Raspberry Pie's and similar, doesn't work then add another 50MB memory solution.

Had a Jupiter Ace, long ago, never really liked it, the BBC B was so much better. The BASIC, and if you wanted assembler then you could create large assembler programs with a linking assembler, gave the disc drives a work out!

I also have a Rockwell Aim65 computer.

From queries, a photo of the board.

Called a Quaternary ADC, uses an AD7528, CA3300, HA5195 and TTL.

Rockwell was a second source for the 6502 soon after MOS Technology launched it. Ah, the good old days, when everyone want a true second source for most of their parts.  :)

Hi I have four "R1200-14, ROCKWELL 83, 9343 A32940-4, MEXICO". I have been unable to find any reference to them anywhere. They were bought in the mid 90s as R65F12, can anybody confirm that (or not)?


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