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GP Industrial Electronics XP640 EPROM Programmer
« on: January 23, 2018, 03:12:17 pm »
Hello all!

This post is a request for information on The GP Industrial Electronics XP640 EPROM Programmer. This device was manufactured in the mid 1980's and a few still exist (I have one, hence this post). The machine had a few attachments to allow it to program EPROMs larger than 28 pins and also to act as an EPROM Emulator.

The additional attachments were the XU620, with various pods for different devices and microprocessors of the era. The EPROM Emulator was designated the XM512.

I located a review of the XP640 and XM512 in the July 1985 issue of Electronics Today International (Australia).

I would be interested in finding more information about this machine and whether anyone has examples of the programmer or attachments. I am willing to purchase any items related to this device (at a reasonable price + shipping).

Documentation would be very useful. Please see Matthieu Benoit's website for further info.
Regards to all.

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