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San Bergmans NanoSBC 6802

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Re the  TIL311/DIS1417s, I've bought a few over the last couple of years, usually about £2 - £3 each which I thought was good value for a neat little display.  IIRC ebay links are forbidden here but if you email or PM me I will pass on my links.  Or you could try my eprom-plus-calculator-display idea from 'Back in the day'  -  I did a two-digit 'poor-mans TIL311' hex display using a 2716, half per digit, its described here: 

If you want to skip through, the relevant bit is 1:52 onwards...   I still have the schematic and the hex dump, binary and assembler listing for the display eprom so its all repeatable if a bit clumsy  :-+   


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