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And you just continue to insult him...


--- Quote from: Srbel on August 29, 2016, 10:20:01 am ---And you just continue to insult him...

--- End quote ---
I don't have a good feeling about this. But Starting this tread was like asking to be insulted. As I remember a few of similar treads in the past, this is default outcome.

OP asked for advice but was too important to listen to it, strike one. When confronted about it he played the "but I'm a beginner, don't attack me!" card which of course contradicts the former, strike 2. Then he felt the need to post about how this forum's loss of his important self should be a big deal and how it's all our fault - really?  :palm:

People like we have here and in most of the technical world are very friendly and open initially (like they were at the beginning with him!) as long as you are too, but they're also rational more than emotional so if you're not following the advice you've asked for and that they took the time to give you, don't do any effort of your own to help yourself and/or have that "superior" attitude you will be grilled for sure.

Take it as a learning opportunity, people who are here and answer your questions can do so because they were open to learn and have made their own extensive research efforts for years, so you're expected to do so as well, and will need if you really want to do anything in the field.


--- Quote from: wilfred on August 29, 2016, 10:56:46 am ---It says - "Do not deride them for anything" [wording from FAQ]

--- End quote ---

really? what if they are being a dick?
like I'm still waiting for the OP to actually thank amyk...

Everyone is a beginner at something, what if I asked a dumb question about FPGA's but was petulant about a response because I'm a special snowflake?
I reckon the word "anything" is too forgiving of an entitled attitude, on a forum where people being paid 6 figure sums are bothering to answer.

Exactly. I've never seen anyone shout at a newbie because he didn't know something but someone with an attitude will be put back in place, whether he's a noob or not, and I don't see anything wrong with that. Again while it might hurt it's probably the best that could happen to them by hopefully making them realize it.


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