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I can't see Generation Snowflake producing many engineers...


--- Quote from: Delta on August 29, 2016, 01:51:46 pm ---I can't see Generation Snowflake producing many engineers...

--- End quote ---

Might be a good thing, keeping those who can and do the work in demand.  I know the local university's engineering programs are still well populated but also demanding both for entrance and graduation.  Could be Darwin at work for lack of a better analogy.

I think part of the problem on forums for technical fields is that many engineering type folks simply do not realize the line between blunt and rude. What they perceive as a utilitarian response is actually decidedly rude by the standards of society at large.

There is no "line", just different ways of thinking. You can just as well consider "society at large" is way too easily offended (which the "special snowflake" articles refer to).

Society varies across the world. What is rude in one culture is not in another, which should be taken into account on an Internet forum, where people from all around the world read and post.


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