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... the TRS-80 Model 100 work I'm progressing thru led me to other various "computers" that do basic similarly, and this particular calculator, the PC-G850V (and VS). It not only does basic programming, but assembler and C as well. That's impressive ...

Managed to order one off of ebay, as apparently the Japanese market (the only place they were sold?) is clearing them out; not sure what modern variant of calculator is being used for the children over there these days?

While sorting out the G850V stuff, I then ran across PockEmul, which, amongst dozens of other calculators (TI, HP, etc.), emulates the G850V to a T! Coming from the smartphone app world, the developer also has a PC/Desktop version, so I can run the G850V and test things. It easily does basic, assembler, and C, thru the calculator emulated interface. Very interesting, and the PockEmul developer is very responsive, and has authored a heck of a program, to emulate so many hard to find calcs and pc-calcs.

Like dosbox-x, pockemul is a very handy thing for emulating and resurrecting the old stuff ...

Have to retract my 2nd to last sentence, as the PockEMUL "software subscription" became a huge issue for me. Developer's scheme is:
  - require users of the desktop version to login to the phone app version every 7 days or so
  - next time you bring up the desktop version, it knows it is still licensed (even though I paid for a desktop license); without the phone app login, desktop version will go unlicensed.

Not a problem for folks who use their phone all the time ... I use mine about one, possibly two times per month, so my desktop version kept going "unlicensed", and developer had to do something at his end to fibx the desktop licensing. l gave up on it ...

Luckily, the physical PC-G850V came in, and it is indeed a wonderful little device ... basic, c, and assembly on a calculator, plus all the normal scientific calc stuff ... wow! Still have lots to figure out, and now the desktop PockEMUL version won't be there to assist.

PockEMUL is still good on the smartphone, for those who need to check out an old calculator before actually buying a physical one.

The software subscription shenanigans reminded me once again of why subscription stuff is just not for me, and possibly bad for everyone. Where do I sign the petition against this new world order in software?


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