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Small-C for 6809?


I purchased a CD some time ago that contains the sources of the very first versions of Small-C reviewed by Dr Dobbs Journal.

I saw support for machine-layer { 8080, z80, ... }, strangely in a couple of readmes, among the various "todo", 6809 is also mentioned, but... I don't find any source.

It was BBS-era, I know, but I wonder: did the 6809 layer machine for Small-C ever exist? If so, does anyone have a copy?  :-//

Not quite sure what you're asking for ... found references to Small-C (and a 6809 emulator) at:

Small-C compiler and source, by Ron Cain is on the page above ... perhaps targeted at Evenson's 6809 emulator?

Hope this helps ...

Uh, not sure about more recent versions, but Small-C for Z80 in the mid-eighties didn't conform to any standard and created (slowly) poor code.  There are patched versions of gcc around which support the 6809 -- I'd rather try those (with the caveat, that a register starved 8bitter won't make an ideal target for C), if you don't mind cross-compiling.


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