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Title: Sun Thumper(X4500)/Thor(X4540) backplane project, anyone have schematics/info?
Post by: rthorntn on June 12, 2021, 03:32:28 am

I just picked up two X4540's.

Basically as a project I want to try and hookup the SATA backplane to modern motherboard and LSI HBAs, the 1068E in Thumper can only use 2.2TB of any SATA drive, its a 32-bit LBA limitation, I want to spend some dollars giving the beautiful Sun hardware engineering a new lease of life with 48 big disks.

Anyone know of, or have, any info on the backplane design, plans, pinouts, anything like that, my idea is to have a PCB made that connects to the backplane and has power molex and SFF8087 connectors (like 12 of each).

Any pointers would be much appreciated.