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For those who were fans of the old Apple II program, this is pretty damn cool. You can even "print" to PDF.

Interesting, I really enjoyed The Print Shop when it first came out. This emulation has some quirks: my keyboard has a numeric keypad, and the enter key on the numeric keypad won't work, but the main enter key does. Also, when I tried to enlarge the screen (trying to clear up some of the screen fonts) it crashed the emulation. Overall, a pretty nice setup, though.

You can download images of the older The Print Shop from here:

Later on, the authors of The Print Shop created Print Artist (which I liked more.) It was actually published by Autodesk, the AutoCAD people. You can get that here:

Thanks Halcyon.

Pretty cool site; although an occasional user of Apple ][ systems (only when visiting friends and family that owned one), I used Print Shop extensively on the PC.

I love how they mimic the crappy color seeping through the pixels. It reminded me of a screensaver for *nix that emulated an Apple ][ screen. Unfortunately the link to download it is dead.


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