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Thomson EF9367 question


Hello there,

I am working on a hi res graphical board based on a Thomson EF9367.

Its a Elektor design published in 10/1985.

They can work into 512 pixels (H) x 256 (V) non interlaced or into 512 x 512 interlaced.

In the first mode no problem at all, the lcd tv used via composite video input works well.
Into 512x512 interlaced mode the top of the display is on the bottom of the screen (see picture).

The board is initialized by a kind of driver that I have only in binary format.

I give a look to the EF9367 datasheet and I dont find any information about video timing control like for a 6845 for example.

What is the best way to improve the situation ?

Thanks, regards.

Problem solved...


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