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TRS-80 Pocket Computer 1 Aviation Program

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I just replaced my LCD screen in my PC-1 and went looking for my Aviation program cassette, but no go.

I would really like to get this program running again as I used it when flying in the 80s and the computer still has the overlay on the keyboard.

I have searched the internet and even tried to find something using Veronica to search Gopher, but no luck.

Does anyone here have a copy?


Lightages, perhaps you can try your luck at:


Thanks for the pointer. I had already visited there and the program I have is not listed as available. I have asked the OP of that thread by way of a PM but I have received no response.

You have me curious now. I bought a book at Radio Shack years ago called Computers for Sea and Sky. It had listings in basic for many functions. I will see if I can find the book and possibly send you the ISBN. Perhaps it has the source code you are looking for?

Hi CaptDon

Thanks for looking, I appreciate it.


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