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This is probably a shot in the dark, but who knows...

Does anyone know of anywhere that a complete copy of the VESA VL-Bus Standard specification document can be obtained? Specifically, I'm looking for the dimensions/drawing of the card edge connector and slot.

I already found this thread on VOGONS, where the poster there asked VESA for a copy of the spec document, and which was provided, except that PDF file has one fatal flaw... it doesn't include the card physical layout drawings! On the pages where they're supposed to be are just blank areas with the note "Diagram Cut & Pasted at this time" (whatever that's supposed to mean). >:(

I searched a few other places but came back empty-handed -, Google Patents (was thinking maybe some entity included a copy in a patent), PUDN.

Maybe there's a scan of an original paper copy out there...

Alternatively, does anyone know of any part number, etc. for motherboard slot connectors? Maybe drawings/datasheets for those will have enough info to infer the card edge connector dimensions. I have an old 486 board here that has Molex slots on it, but I couldn't find anything from a brief search. Were the slot connectors some form of off-the-shelf generic connector that perhaps went under another name?

Aha! Going down the avenue of looking for specifications of VLB card slot connectors has paid off! :D

As mentioned earlier, looking for the particular Molex slot on the old motherboard I have access to didn't yield anything, but what about other manufacturers? Just on a whim, I went to Digi-Key, intending to look in general for other 112-pin card edge connectors. Well blow me down, they actually have a parametric filter entry for "VLB"! Filtering on that returned just one result: TE/AMP part no. 5650090-1.

Loading up the drawing PDF revealed, as I hoped, that TE have included the layout and dimensions of the mating edge connector. :-+

I was able to verify against the one single dimension that is mentioned in the VESA standard document: total length of the card edge tab, which is 2.92". Total length of the 'S' and 'U' dimensions in the TE drawing: 2.92". :)

Didnt VLB just reuse MCA connector? later again reused as PCI?

Yes, I learned it is the same as MCA. :) In fact Digi-Key also sell an MCA slot connector from Sullins that is identical.

PCI is not the same, it has more pins (124 vs 112).

I have developed some  VLB graphic card based  S3 Trio64v+/S3 Virge and S3 Vision968 with 4MB  memory. (same nick by vogons)

I can tell 13mm distance between pin from ISA and VLB.  (middle of VLB-pin to middle of ISA pin )
But , i am not sure  12,7 or 13mm

Two photo show my developed VLB graphic card.
Next goal is  huge ISA card and finished of Virge VLB projekt.

Yes, VLB Slot is just a MCA slot, which it is  180° turned.
I have some motherboard with "MCA" Marking on VLB


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