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Video: Doom's Ray Tracing Upgrade



Looks very cool...

but it seems to rely on specific hardware..... so you may be restricted by which PCs will run these mods..

My nephew ( and I encourage and pump him a lot ) is a DOOM nerd...

We already run all possible mods for modern doom in which light bumps and shade maps looks really cool.
Almost like these . but ... they do not require any particular hardware....
A good PC  should be enough.. even iGPUs can do them

Get yourself if not already a good engine like (or ZANDRONUM)

Search the best maps to suit your prefs.. like COD  (Call of Duty) weapon arsenal
AltBrightmaps for Doom1 and 2  + brightmaps and lights doubleDHTP
and HIGH RESOLUTION textures and maps..

There is already a good old Quake high resolution equivalent..

You will have even better results than above.. in cheap hardware..

The kid loves them.. total doom nerd

Paul  :popcorn:

forgot to say...  very important..

Nothing compares to AlisBrutalDoom Sgt MarkiV mods...  absolute outstanding ..
(alternative Brutalv21is also a good check)

Impossible to take the kid from ComicBlood level  >:D >:D >:D



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