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What to do with an old CRT monitor?

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The degause coil around the edge of the tube, is many meters of enamelled copper wire, all you need to do is remove the black insulating tape.
There is also a funny cylindrical inductor with an inbuilt magnet, these are almost always wound with Litz wire which is really hard to buy.
Naturally you also pillage the HV capacitors, SMPS transformer etc for re-use, and any copper/wire for scrap.

Tim F:
the solution is obvious:

The circuit boards have a bunch of useful parts if you're into high voltage stuff.

An interesting way to reuse the case is to put a LCD monitor in it and build a PC in the remaining space. Should make a nice LAN party machine.

Transistors inside CRTs are always quite useful. High Vce medium fT and heatsink friendly.

If you can be bothered, maybe throw it up on Gumtree if it's in good nick for $10-$20? Depend on the model, some of those old CRT's go for quite a bit of money, especially the old Sony Trinitron's which were popular among graphics artists. Collectors of old computers love them to complete the "vintage computer" look.

Plugging a 386 or 486 into an LCD monitor just doesn't have the same effect.

Otherwise just ditch it. Most waste management places have e-waste collection for free.


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