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What to do with an old CRT monitor?

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When you've grown up through the computer evolution, it's not always easy to scrap tech that is still fully functional - but it looks like that's exactly what I am faced with on a 19" colour monitor with VGA input.  It still works perfectly, but compared to LCD screens, it's big and heavy.

SO.... do I try:

Selling it?
Giving it away?
Just scrapping it?

Use the wire in the coils to make a gauss rifle?

There's Lots of reusable parts in a crt, one of my good friends fried his DMM by pointing an EMP made from crt parts at it.

You can make a huge bomb from it with some C4 and a swivel chair. The monitor will multiply the explosion, like John McClane style. And blow up in the garden, and share the video on youtube like russian dudes.

The only reason I write this because access to C4 is somewhat restricted

At least recover the ferrite ring from the CRT , can make a common mode RF choke to feed an antenna if you are a Ham, or for the mains line by wrapping the power extention cord through the core to make a few turns. The big diameter of the core makes it easy to make common mode chokes using thick wires or coax.

I'd also recommend salvaging the PCB, they have good power resistors/caps that can be reused.

For nerdy fun you can break the sealing nipple off of the CRT and listen to it suck air for an amazingly long time.  The shadow mask is interesting material for fabrication of lampshades and other items.  All sorts of other salvage.  Of course you might die from the carcinogens and sharp edges.


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