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What was the very first computer you owned or used ?

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--- Quote from: Bassman59 on August 08, 2021, 09:18:27 pm ---At university my freshman year, every student got a DEC Professional-350 desktop machine. It was DEC's first ill-fated attempt at personal computers, and it was based on the LSI/11. It had two 5 ΒΌ" floppy disk drives (which were not compatible with IBM PC diskettes), a 10 MB hard disk drive, and it ran a desktop version of VMS.

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That can't be right. The 350 was definitely an LSI/11 based machine, which means it would not run VMS. VMS was a 32 bit VAX (and later 64 bit for the Alpha) only OS. I think most 350s ran RT-11, although there are other PDP/11 OSes it could run, even a good old 16 bit Unix.

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The Pro350 ran something called/like ProDOS, which was some variant of whichever DEC operating system ran on the LSI/11. It was a long time ago!

The Pro350 came with P/OS.
In the few Pro350 that our customers had, we installed RT-11 and the time-sharing  TSX-plus from S&H Computer Systems


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