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What was your first computer?

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Mad Axeman:
Hi All

My first computer was a Commodore Vic20 - 5k RAM, 3.5k usable. Fantastic bit of kit. Ah, the things I learnt to do in 3.5k. That was followed a few years later by a Commodore 64 and my first modem. The Commodore modem allowed me to connect to Compunet, the Commodore only network. It worked at 1200/75 baud on dial up. That progressed into a 128D. The 128D had dual processors, 6512(?) and a Z80, built in floppy drive, separate keyboard and could run CP/M. After that came the Commodore PC1 with green screen monitor. DOS was loaded off floppy disks. Hard drives and windows (I think my 1st version was win 3.1) came much later.

I think my Vic20 is in the shed. Oh how I wish I still had the 128D  :'(


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