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'One man band' graduate EEE engineering job wanted (UK ideally)


I'm a 4th year EEE engineer, graduating this June, with experience in industry (2 summer placements), experience in PIC, Cadence Virtuoso, Arduino, PCB design, VHDl, hardware design and troubleshooting and I have a LabVIEW CLAD. I'm looking for a general electronics job, or a 'one man band' job where I would ideally design, build and troubleshoot a system from scratch. I have realised after my 3.5 years of studying that I'm happiest when doing different things (such as hardware one day, embedded software the next, sort of thing), and not stuck doing the same thing all over again. Location-wise, I'd prefer to stay in the UK, although as I'm young, now's the chance to work abroad I guess!

From research and speaking to lectures, smaller-to-medium sized companies is the way to go for the job that I want, but these companies aren't easy to find online! Therefore, if someone knows of a company that has a graduate role similar to what I described above starting this summer, then could you send me a message with some details?


Check out some of the larger corps as well as they find it easier to absorb post grads compared to budget strapped smaller companies. ARM, Raytheon, Thales, QinetiQ etc.

Plus they have more expensive toys to play with.

... and just as important, continue your training - you're at the very beginning, not the end.  ;)

If you're on good terms with your professors, ask about various funded startups from the university.


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