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Dear Customer,

I, through my company, offer the following services related to Altium Designer:

* Consultancy in adoption, integration of library management systems
* One-on-one training, in person. Training for teams up of to 6 people. (Available in the EU area)
* ERP integration services, to be provided jointly with your ERP integration engineer
* Project tutoring (following one project with your trainee, hand in hand, for

We are one of the most knowledgeable business in the field of Altium Designer, knowing the software in and out, as well as having deep experience in the setup of integrated library management solutions, integrations with ERP software.
We're not affiliated with Altium Limited, thus having no problem admitting all the product flaws, cutting the bullshit and getting the work done.

* Your company is moving from a previous-generation cad package to Altium Designer, and your team starts panicking as everybody tries do to everything as by previous customs, but nothing works. The courses provided by Altium requires you to ship engineers half around Europe for training, after which they will still not be operational as the theoretical knowledge needs to be integrated into your company workflow and projects to be effective.
* Your company is hiring junior engineers to do PCB design. They have no experience and applied knowledge, and your senior engineers are not PCB design expert. The boards end up big, unreliable, expensive, and with crap EMC.
* You're moving from one ERP to another, and want to integrate component management in the best possible. Failing to do so would make you lose a lot of money in untraced, obsolete, or incorrect components.

This service is targeted towards medium businesses. There is a german company offering these services for big companies.
The service is available on location. Honestly, and speaking from experience, these sort of things ends up just eating your money when done over the web/phone. In order to really guide your trainee and integrate Altium in your company workflow, it's necessary to be there.

Fermium LABS srl
Davide Bortolami,
Fermium LTD

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