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There was another post on this board asking for review and I loved the feedback. I'm graduating in the 2023 and don't have a job lined or anything and I'm getting tired of companies rarely responding to applications. Hopefully some of the feedback I get from you all will help me out in the hunt. :)

Thanks :)

My advice: make the resume 1 page long. Remove everything about the company, the product, the team. State what you did with action words (Improved, wrote, enhanced, designed, etc), and right after state what results it brought (saved $, board space, helped to launch in 2 month, etc). I did not use examples from your resume, so please add yours. It looked you have enough substance to fill one page. Good luck!

dobsonr741 gave some really good feedback which I don't think I can top

I like the general layout of the CV, but I have some comments on readability.

* I found it hard to focus on the grey text on white background
* the grey on grey in your highlight section on the left was okay but not ideal
* If you're gonna have a second page - I would say the grey box needs something in it if you have it there (Each page doesn't have to have to be identical as long as it follows the same theme)
* It might just be me, but having the titles a dark blue, then black, just messed with my focus a bit
* I also noticed that the bullet points didn't always render nicely depending on the zoom
* 4 different bullet point styles? (indented can be different)
* It's not a web-based document, so you can use the justify text option as well :)
Obviously a lot of my issues could be attributed to my laptop screen. But I'm using a typical business laptop so a hiring manager will likely have a similar experience.

Colour selection & Shape selection can change how easy it is for someone to read something.

Something else to consider is how nicely it will print out (if printed in black/white) 

Lots of experience hiring and getting hired.  My advice is to go here:    Listen to them.  Do not deviate.  They are THE experts.  When I see a resume written in this format, I thank Mike and Mark.

While you're there, start at podcast one and go as far as you can.  They are multiple MBAs worth of information.

+1 for manager tools.  You might like it, and find yourself want to be in engineering management!


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