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I'm just posting this wondering if anyone operates or knows of a specific presently established business / organization / group that has something like remote-work contract project opportunities presently available?

General embedded C, C++, light Python, LINUX/UNIX SW, circuit design. Testing.
Light PCB CAD / schematic capture / CAD library part creation / CAD review assistance.  (All presuming available or provided CAD tool).
Help selecting / researching components from vendors / distributors.  Embedded SW development for MCUs or SOCs / application procssors that I can easily develop for (with available or provided dev. boards / tools).

I'm assuming the greatest likelihood for what's easily out there might be very small / very short projects that could benefit from a bit of extra assistance (e.g. maybe just a few hours / days whole project time frames).  If it'll work as a either "very quick" or "short and works great if it becomes a moonlighting project and only needs part time assistance" that'd be fine.

For very short & small projects I'm basically really looking for:
* Primarily: Resume enhancement with any new small projects to list & some new professional client references.
* Maybe: Opportunity to maintain or enhance skills a little bit relating to the particular project.  If I can learn a little something that'd be valuable too.
* Maybe: If it is something that could benefit a good non-profit / charitable / green tech / academic scientific research / similar organization / project as volunteer effort.

So in consideration of those above things I'm totally flexible about rates / costs in the case that it is a short project / mutually beneficial opportunity and is something which I can easily contribute to given the specifics.

I am also receptive to a substantially time/effort consuming project & longer term opportunity but in such case it would have to be competitive with USA major metropolitan market area pay rates (and ideally be workable remotely or highly desirable otherwise) if it's going to take week(s) / months / long term full time effort to the exclusion of all other opportunities.  I am already following several other leads that I have for possible local options in the long term option category but I'll leave this on the table for the moment just in case.

Thank you.

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