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Commission-Based Electronic Components Purchaser Available for Global Collaborat


I am a seasoned electronic components purchaser based in Shenzhen, seeking commission-based collaboration opportunities with companies around the world. With extensive experience in the field, I specialize in sourcing high-quality electronic components at competitive prices, ensuring cost-effective procurement solutions for your projects.

Professional Background:

* Experience: Deep expertise in the electronic components market, with a proven track record of optimizing supply chains and reducing procurement costs.
Partnerships: Strong business relationships with key component developers like NXP, ATMEL, TI, INTEL, ST, TOSHIBA, MAXIM, ALTERA, among others in Hong Kong and Taiwan. I have franchise distribution rights for many top companies' components.
Collaboration Offer:

* Commission-Based Model: I work on a commission basis, aligning my success with yours. This model ensures that I am motivated to find the best prices and the highest quality components.
Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness: Leveraging my expertise and industry connections, I deliver shorter product development cycles and timely product launches, all while managing costs effectively.
I am committed to providing top-tier procurement services that support your company’s needs for innovative and efficient product development. If you are interested in exploring a commission-based partnership, please feel free to contact me via private message to discuss how we can work together.

You mean like buying up all stock during component shortages and reselling them for completely ridiculous prices.
I am wuxi fabless, provide power semiconductor devices, I am looking for partners, if you are interested, you can add the microblogging chat!

Not that. We're all about helping clients find the best deals on electronic components, making sure they get what they need without overpaying. We're here to help, not to take advantage of the situation by hiking up prices


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