Author Topic: Does anyone need some X-rays or photon counting?  (Read 2076 times)

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Does anyone need some X-rays or photon counting?
« on: June 23, 2020, 01:33:45 am »
I`m looking for a job (and reallocation?) (to USA?). If somebody needs a good engineer for any scientifical projects, I`ll be glad to help!
I have a large experience in many things. I have developed and built XRF spectrometers, diffraction analysis systems and other instruments. 
I`m good at schematics: small-signal, low-noise and fast amplifiers, TOF devices, particle detectors and MCA systems, ADCs and other signal processing. Digital (MCU, FPGA), motor control and power applications (50kV at 3kW was my top one). Good at PCB routing (Altium and Eagle) including multi-layer and high-speed ones. C/C++ programming. PCBs and firmware for all my devices I made on my own. Almost "Full-stack" as it calls now.

But good times passed away, industry falls apart here and I need to find interesting job somewhere else.
It`s not a question of money, I can earn enough here on many other boring and useless jobs. I can and need to do really good things...

My profile:

Feel free to send me email or message if you need an advice or just to talk. I have many interesting things to tell)
And I`m very interested how is to live and work in other countries in this industry?

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